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By Nero Dubb

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Nero Dubb


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Walk With Me Lryics

Walk with me slow Walk with me lets go She jotting on my page she can see the echo She watch me take off from zero She look at me like a superhero Hard to hold back when you lash out Its stormy outside cant you see clouds See they looking at me in doubt Plant that seed watch me sprout Looked down that page is in a drought Tyson watch me knockout Walk with me slow Walk with me lets go Wax on your girl I can't pull out Accelerating too fast watch me burn out We stacking bands at checkout We passing tracks our hangout Look at my friends they redoubt Cant you see what im talk bout See that you hopped on tracks a sauerkraut See that you do it solo with no crowd What you think this a hand out On my tracks watch me burn out Driving in space we wipe out Seeing in class they read out Late night they sleep out See they look at me with in doubt In my car watch me spin out 500 tracks watch me pushout Downloading them I pass out Fish this my bait I see trout Pass all that cash I dish out Look at my family they misproud But my youngings and house proud I see why that many have doubt They yelling at you cast about Check all my tabloids I read about Flowing me a water spout Walk with me slow Walk with me lets go