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Your investments and music purchases help power our incentives. Every $1 you invest will increase your VIP membership by 1 day. Non VIP members have a limit of $5 return.

Make sure that you take the time to complete onboarding to receive payments for reaching daily goals. VIP 30 day membership is required for deposits.

30 day pass $4.95 USD (auto deposits included)

Remember to grow your collection by logging in and purchasing new tracks for more shares.

Until next token reward. Use tokens to promote your content from social platforms around the internet. Platforms we support are listed below. Become a 30 day VIP member today hit the limit receive .25 cent USD deposited into your bank account each time. (membership required)

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May Update - 2024

  • Paying it forward through investing will created you a new VIP membership X days vs the amount you donate. ($1.00 = 1 day of VIP)
  • Each time you hit the consecutive play limit it will increase +10
  • MTH Royalties earn shares over-time with your music purchases and as you listen.
  • Unlock daily auto pay for just $4.95 Buy membership?
  • Login and and hit limitations each day to receive payouts or collect singles.
  • Onboarding required to receive payments. Do onboarding
  • Introducing the one-time login add your telephone and carrier to log in to MTH via text message.
  • Album prices have been changed to a 5 minute rotation and can be valued from 0.00 to $100.00 USD
  • Added a login display to user profiles.
  • If your account is not verified with a telephone your account will be limited.
  • Paying it forward helps power MTH incentives. Do this by purchasing singles and investing.
  • Singles you purchase will appear in your collection. You must purchase the single for a value greater than 0 to reedeem its share value.
  • You can let the collection value build up or exchange the value of singles collected.
  • Short-term loans available amounts vary depending on your contribution to the MTH platform.
  • Use the microphone on your profile page to broadcast.
  • Singles you purchase can be downloaded for offline listening.

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