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Longam Lryics

She all on me she on the head bone She always on my mind its a time long She bobbing grabbing weave on that head strong She looking at me like what I do wrong Jot another verse beat another song Throw the quick pass he could go long Jumping on my tracks yes thats life long Ringing on my bells thats that ding dong Hatred looking at me got me dead wrong Collaborate my tracks see we get along Passing all those beats he could go long Verses so cold do it winter long Stacking all that bread see they bit long Hearing all my vibes thats a death song Do it long time for a decade long Looking at me she did wrong Posting my sites a cover song Didnt believe me guess I prove wrong Surfing on the tide that I rip along Playing chess see my board long Linkin this my park watch me crawl long Looking at the masses see they does wrong Illa omnia in me, illa in capite os Ea semper in animo suo tempore Illa palpitans vellit in illo capite fortis Aspiciens me sicut quod ego facio iniuriam Jota alium versum alium cantilenam verberavit Iactare transitum velox posset ire diu Saliendo in mea vestigia etiam thats vitam longam Tinnitus meis campanis thats quae sus facio Odium aspiciens me obtinuit me iniuriam mortuum Collaborate vestigia mea videre nos adepto Omnia verberat praeteriens euntem Vers Ponentes omnes, qui panem vident, mordent longum Audiens omnia vibes ut a morte carmen Fac diu decennium Aspiciens me fecit iniuriam Posting my sites a cover song Non enim credebam me coniecto iniuriam Surfing on the tide that I rip along Latrunculorum ludens longam tabulam meam videre Linkin hoc parcum meum vigilate me diu serpere Vultus in vulgo vident iniuriam facit


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