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Gsign Lryics

Little dark now they loving that backshine Walking forward they right behine We playing chess on that front line See they drop them messages on the chatline They want to spend I guess I feedline I think she coming the Gsign I da papi cross the line Beat on this track a punchline Teach all yall a coachline Rev it up I do the carbyne Million stars see we top line Kissing ass that be moonshine See my flows down the streamline See us flying this my airline Add it all up down my timeline Add my tracks yours be intwine Heard it all a circline She real sweet a beeline See they press play on a selfline See those demons undivine Want it all period bromine This cross country no finish line See they scroll down my story line Wait thats not end of line She wants me she day fine I pave that road a chalkline See you walk down the dotten line Add your tracks that be my first line Hear yall down the chorus line Cheers to us a glass of wine Cashing flows that we gain line Train on yall my steam turnbine Can you hear me down the transmission line Got that gold that I deep mine Spread them gates guess I open sunshine Floors dirty scrub pine Pay it forward to my service line See that page be drawn fine And it that dress ooo she extra fine This my car no speeding fine


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