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Nero Dubb


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Hotel Lobby Lryics

Hop on a fresh beat bet you guess the harmonics Hop in my spaceship taking flight to exotics Be using my brain for a long time neurotics Composing a track this my athletics Molding it so sweet like ceramics Checking on my stats I see that Im static All of my plays they mixed with organic Flipping that cake creating that flow hydroponic Laugh at them haters they be comics Cant see through my brain all of my logic Hopped in escaping in traffic Stacking and eating it up like a sandwich Holding her kneck tight this a suffix Going up higher than attics Taking these shits into sceptics Dance on these tracks with the glow sticks Greens on this star like patrick FIghting on tracks like swordsticks Bobbing on tracks with the headsticks Squeeze on that neck thats panic Rolling down the street in the classic


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