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Dante Lryics

Slayer call me Dante Ice cold Amanda They ringing on my Bell Timmy got my faries Laying verses out my Sighs Got me strong like Mahoney Are we in Acedemy Award yes we got it We don't need that medal At night you see push that pedal to the medal We digging all night verses with my shovel She a cold font I cast on her with a bevel She my wilma she a rebel She wearing all my bezzles Dantes me occidere Ice frigus Amanda Sonant me Bell Timmy got my faries Ponentes versus suspiria mea Possedi quasi Mahoney In Acedemia sumus Award sic nos obtinuit eam Non opus est ut numisma Nocte videtis impulsum pedali ad numisma Fodientes tota nocte versus cum trulla Frigidi fontis illa proieci super eam revellere coneris Illa mihi wilma ipsa rebellis Illa gerens omnia bezzles


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