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Dicere Lryics

She say she want me right now Touching my spots she sit right now She ontop of me she ride me long Time Im her medicine eye see that she fine She drink me just like that red wine Holding her tight in a bind She click into my tracks make ear mine She reading my book climbing my vein Im jack the beast stalk She straddling the rubber see she never balk If you mad at me its not my fault This my show you in a drought Vocal out my air hole say it loud Do it for family feeling proud Dicere me nunc vis De maculis quae sit nunc Illa super me vehi me diu Tempus O medicina oculi eius ut bene videas Illa me bibit sicut vinum illud rubeum Tenens se stricta in alligare Illa preme in vestigiis meis aurem meam Illa legebat librum meum scandens venam meam Im Jack bestia stipula Et vagus in Flexilis non videbimus illa Si me insanire suam non mea culpa Hoc mihi ostendam tibi in siti Vocalis ex aere foramen meum dicere voce Fac in domo affectum superbus


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