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Nero Dubb


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Omnia Bills Lryics

Cashing all my bills Like twins he an Olson Accelrating my tracks he bolting Riding on me steed got me rolling Dripping wet jumping in that pool 8 ball knockem bar stool Wearing all my caps yes they know that im cool Im telling all them jokes man they know that im a fool Im an Olson like a twin staying awesome Party tell morning flowers blossom See me coming to the top from the bottom Holding all my cousins know I gottem Cashing omnia bills Velut geminos ille est Olson Accedens vestigia mea se obserandos equitans super me equo me volvens Humida saliens in humida illa piscinae VIII pila knockem talea sella Circumdatio omnia galeros etiam ipsi sciunt quod im cool Im omnia dicere iocis hominem sciunt im stultum Im in Cicero quasi geminae moratur horribilis Pars dic mane flores Vide me venire ad summo ab imo Omnes cognati mei tenentes ego gottem


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