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Mobdat Lryics

Knock on that door its 453 They on my mind make that plate for me Click into my shows see they adore me Cashing all my flows a store me Im holding her tight she spending the night She grab onto me im holding her side Cashier register take me for a ride Mask on ride that mob im inside See throwing them in im at bat Im up all night nocturnal a wolbat Eye on my show I throw that bow Mobdat reign he gather he a pro Mobdat stage this is my show Mobdat craze she want some more Mobdat Modat Pulsate illi januae ejus 453 Illi in corde meo faciunt ut laminam pro me Click in spectacula mea vident adorant me Cashing omnia fluit copia mihi Im tenens eam stricta ipsa pernoctans Et capto onto me tenentes eam partem Suscipe me in CONLECTARIUS subcriptio ride Personam equitare quod vulgus im intus Vide tionem in im at vespertilio Im pernoctans nocturnus wolbat Oculum meum spectaculum proicio arcum Mobdat regnabit ille pro Mobdat scaena hoc est spectaculum Mobdat insanire se velle aliquid plus Mobdat Modat


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