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Wake up girl its early Wearing shorts they Hurley Cold outside its burly She shining oh she pearly Hatred shit on me be swirly Curly sue she a shirley Girl I see that you are worthy Your bottle shapped you curvy Let me take you on a journey Groan man after 30 Girl have no worry Holding you closer firmly No divorce me no attorney Pray to the lord have mercy Eye see that you dirty Pull that bag on me clergy She they running in a hurry I stay grounded im earthy See my eye do it thirdly Bouncing on my tracks bounce derby Surge puella eius diluculo Gerentes bracis sunt Hurley Frigus extra suum ROBUSTUS o illa micans margarita! Odium cacas in me swirly Salve petendam illa in shirley Puella video quod dignus es Tua utrem informavit te curvy Fac te in itinere Ingemit homo post 30 Puella non anxietas Propius firmiter tenentes te Non me repudiare, non advocatum Ora dominum eleison Oculi videre te sordida Trahere illum sacculum mei clerici Illa currunt propere Ego manere ex im terrestris Tertio fac oculus meus REPENTE vestigia mea REPENTE Derbiae


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