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Nero Dubb


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Cupit Me Lryics

She wants me on the backside She dancing on the outside She got my legs between her insides All nights thats how we ride She cant make up her mind decide The men all them babies privide Tears dropping down her face applied She had enough I see she tried Horizon view so wide Amazing gracy sorry to hear you died Holding your son got the guide Message my inbox I replied He crying at the bedside Took care of longtime always supplied Feeling like an adult now with the hands tied Shadow in the dark you know I cant hide Kdot I coincide See that mello skull inside Believe in yourself Amanda stride Doing like a savage see that I tried Illa cupit me foris Ea foris in choris Illa got crura inter interiora Omnes noctes thats quomodo equitamus Ea Cant faciunt mentem decernere Homines infantes omues privide Lacrimae distillantia faciem applicantur Illa satis video conata Horizon visum tam late Mirabile gracy paenitet te audire mortuus est Tenens filium tuum obtinuit dux Nuntium meum inbox respondi Clamor ad lectum Cura diu semper Sententia quasi adultus nunc manibus ligatis Umbra in tenebris tu scis me Cant abscondere Kdot coincidunt Vide quod intus Mello cranium Crede in te Amanda strido Faciens sicut saevus videre conatus sum


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