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Nero Dubb


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Volo Te Lryics

I want you long time it tick we get old When we were younger had to do what we were told Get a little older now we out in the cold See they walked that road of gold Cant see on the outside but most feel controlled Cant keep up with your bills all your belonging sold You stressed out all day its getting raw behold All them laws they try to uphold Cant see on the outside but most feel controlled Holding her tight I consold We vibing on that past fortold Eyes watch on you patrolled Raising taxes your fortunes they withold She bossie wait feel exposed They treat me like opposed 6 feet under decomposed Alot on my mind explode. Volo te diu hoc tick dabimus tibi veteres Cum essemus iunior quae facere nobis nuntiatum est Adepto paulo maior nunc in frigore Videte ambulantes illam viam auream Cant videre extra sed maxime sentiunt regi Cant serva cum rogationibus tuis omnia quae possidetis vendita Totum diem suum questus rudis ecce elatum es Omnes eas leges tueri conantur Cant videre extra sed maxime sentiunt regi Tenens eam stricta me consolidant Nos vibing in illa praeterita praedixit Oculi tui perambulaverunt fortunas tuas tributa levantes Illa bossie insidias sentiunt expositae Me contra faciunt 6 sub pedibus decompositis Alot in animo meo explodo.


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