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Marcum Lryics

Running to Marcus This beat fire Running to Marcus its of the wire Plug and play take it higher Forreal this beat lit that fire Got the whole world entire Sign up my sites require Real supply got to by her See my stocks I aquire Dont need that brokerage supplier Do tell death retire Burning rubber tire Protoss I do it dire Call me not a liar Dripping wet this in the dryer Currit ad Marcum Hoc pulsu ignis Currit ad Marcum eius filum Obturaculum et ludere altius sume eam Forreal hoc ictum accendit ignem Totum orbem terrarum obtinuit Sign up my sites require Verus copia obtinuit ut per eam Vide nervum meum aquiro Noli opus elit ut brokerage Dic ad mortem sese Ardere rubber strigare Protoss ego dire Me non mendax Hoc madens in dryer


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