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Do you want a noun or do you want that thing Sitting on my throan crown holder of a king Drinking from the wells cant you hear my strings Souring real high know I got the wings My string string sing she cling Buzzing on track feel this sting Flip any track toss it I fling Playing that game pong with the ping She at my door that door bell ding She cashing my showing im her wring She sitting all on me purring She wants it anytime during Cashing my flows occurring Cash app see they transfering Vis nomen aut vis illud Sedens in throno regni possessor regis Bibentes de puteis cant chordas meas audis Accedens verus princeps scio me obtinuit alas Cantare filum filum meum illa adhaerere Stridentes in semita sentiunt hunc stimulum Flip aliqua semita iactare me saxum PUTEO ludo ludere cum ping Illa apud ianuam meam ostium tintinabulum Illa cashing meam ostensionem im illam wring Illa sedens omnia in me purgans Aliquando in illa vult Cashing meum fluit fieri Cash app videre se transferre


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