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Semita Lryics

Chris yea this be set in stone Rachel she carry that birthstone Can you hear me on the ear phone Stacking them Klumps Sherman Lil Savage rain on on Elliot Hopped on tracks thought you were alone Holding onto you like breakbone They hear me all on the lodestone Im making her wish moonstone They hear my chime a air blown Sitting own this stage a throan She she likes me backside prone Im licker her up a cone Kissing her from neck to shinbone She likes when I touchstone They hold on me clingstone Chris imo hoc in lapide conpone Rachel peperit lapidem illum Potesne me audire in aure telephonum Ponentes eas Klumps Sherman Puer ferox pluvia in in Elliot Te sola tripudio in semita Tenendo vos sicut breakbone Audiunt me omnes in lodestone Im faciens ea vis moonstone Ipsi audiunt mea nantia inflantur Sedens in hoc stadio thronum habent Illa amat culo proclivior Im licker eam in conum Osculans eam a collo ad tibiam Illa vult cum touchstone Tenent me clingstone


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