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Ascendens Lryics

Going up getting hire Flat footed from the shire Rasing all my vocals higher I turn them cut them out with a flicker Crashing rain you see this thunder TLC I got the pper Page a error cant you see my header Pick onto you that mirror Kissing on my beat she a memeber She lick it up I deliver entire Going fast with no buffer Eyes look at me with desire Salute I do right back with honor Cashing to that bank a transfer Pull it all in got the lever Not a puppet im the master X im real I got the factor Ascendens autem questus pretium Plana de comitatu pede Rasing omnes vocales meas altiores Et convertam eos, et interficiam eos cum flammis Hoc vides imbrem fragorem tonitrui TLC I got a pper Page errorem Cant videtis me header Colligunt super te, quod speculum Osculatur me pulsum illa a memeber Illa lambit, me totum libera Ieiunium nihil buffer Oculi mei desiderio Saluta facio bene cum honore Cashing ad ripam translatio Trahere omnes in obtinuit vecte Non pupp im dominum X im verum et obtinuit factorem


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