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Luctans Lryics

Seen by Hiz N herz Nehemiah know I got words Derek trucking we all in the dirt Pharrel we know that Nerdaking Tugging on your shirt sipping jack daniels This the beach we wearing sandles Bells I know you here my jangle 90 I got the angle Slaying these beats like Jaygo Use to steal them now I make though Baking like a fresh cake though Im in the stadium is that at staple Im kissing all on her navel At my scene this my rave though So many words that I slay though Verses and tracks for days yo You tell me know I tell you say so Molding any nigga the be playdough Smile bright that ray though Im breaking the flows they see me at my shows Viderat Hiz N herz Nehemias scio verba mea Derek trucking nos omnes in lutum Pharrel scimus Nerdaking Luctans in shirt SORBITIO jack daniels Hoc in litore sandles sumus Campana hic mea jangle novi XC EGO got angulus Occidere haec verberat sicut Jaygo Utere furari nunc ego facio Coquens quasi nova placenta quamquam Im in stadio est quod in stapula Im omnes osculantur in umbilico suo In mea scena haec mea flexanima quamquam Tot verba quae occidam, etsi Versiculi et vestigia dierum io Tu mihi dic me scire dico tibi dicere sic Aliqua nigga fingat esse playdough Risu clara quod ray quamquam Im praevaricationem fluit videre me apud me ostendit


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