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She wants all the bezzles all on her finger Every day I wake up I see your names upon my screens We swapping links Hold up heres that filter She wants all the bezzles all on her finger Eye see her eyes she like me her sister Im all in her ear she likes me I whisper I know that she wrote this is a murder Redirecting my pages the top of that header I see that darkness they be a stranger Spending it all creating that transfer Plenty of fish I found it she love me so tender Got her new reeled in that fish that I capture Eating all night just prior we butcher That sitting my table her ass on my counter She loving the dreads she see through my culture They check into my verse they loving my swagger Love all them events put them all on my calendar Spending it all for free that is my waiver Im in the ocean backflipping like flipper She taking it all chopping down this lumber Cross country league champion a runner Running long time sleep less quickly recover Mike tyson I do it they taking that upper She wants all the bezzles all on her finger Ea omnia digito suo omnes bezzles vult Quotidie evigilo nomina tua in meis screens video Nexus permutando sumus Sustine heres quod filter Ea omnia digito suo omnes bezzles vult Oculi eius vident oculi eius sicut me soror mea Im omnia in aurem eius vult me ​​susurro Scio scripsisse haec caedes Paginas meas redirecting the top of that header Video tenebras peregrinum esse Expendendo omnia creando transferunt Copia piscium inveni eam tam teneram me amat Obtinuit turbavit novum illum piscem quem ego capio Manducans pernoctans ante nos carnifex Qui sedens in mensa mea asinum in calculo meo Illa metuit, culturam perspiciet amantem Versum meum inhibent amantes swagger Amor certe omnia in mea calendario Omnia expendendo gratis, quod est meum REPULSA Im in Oceanum backflipping sicut flipper Illa omnia secas hanc ligna sumens Patriamque foedus pugil cursor Cursor diu somnus minus cito convalescit Mike tyson ego id sumentes quod superior Ea omnia digito suo omnes bezzles vult


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