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Nero Dubb


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Amici Lryics

All them friends fake they leave you in the dark You see that weight is on your back Just got skull I see you lack Knock this beat a heart attack Let night we drinking on that Jack Too quick on my feet this be my track She bounce that crack yeah she bounce it back Gold on the wall my plaques Slay verses stacking stacks Flipping bands flipping racks Got me dressed up in my slacks She magic sauce im the Mac Pin that note you a tack Haters eat you up like my snacks Omnes amici fictus relinquunt in tenebris Vides quod pondus in tergo tuo est Iustus got cerebrum non video te carere Pulsate cordis impetum hoc beat Nox in illo Jack bibamus Nimis velox in pedibus meis hoc esto semita mea Illa currentis resiliunt yeah illa remittet Aurum in pariete tabulae meae Occide versus positis acervos Vincula flipping quatit flipping Surrexit me indutus in fluitantia Ea condimentum venenatis im Mac Pin quod note a id aggressus sum Osores mei sicut snacks comedent te


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