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Nero Dubb


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Big Smoke Lryics

Hustle Hustle Rags to riches from the low Be doing all day they do it slow Post on that page its a echo Verses that I throw 50/50 for my show Slay verses crecendo Face on my page she overflow Restraunt call me that depo We play them games like bingo On site a plateu thats my memo Matching them up dominio Blowing up like dynamo They sleeping on my willow On my train its the metro Beats to me im the maestro She eat me up long time avacodo She wants johnny well im Bravo Kicking on to that dojo Evil man mojo joe joe My pasta be like that risoto Aim on target with that crossbow Starbucks im expresso Hustle Hustle Pannis divitiis ex humili Totos dies facere quod tarde Post in illa pagina sua resonare Vers 50/50 meum spectaculum carmina crecendo occide Faciem meam pagina redundat Pudor me depo Ludimus eos ludos sicut bingo In site a plateu thats my memo Compositus eos in dominio Flante dynamon Non dormientes super salices mea De meo agmine suo in metro Verberat ad me im maestro Et comedit me diu avacodo Johnny bene vult illa im Bravo Proicit in eo dojo Homo malus mojo joe joe Meus adipiscing sit sicut risoto Aim in scopum cum balista Starbucks im expresso


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