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Diamondback Lryics

If I play you would you be right back Fast forward time see you are four flats Spending the verses all on my stacks She gives it right there she wants it right bac, She looking at you heart drop like a heart attack She writes that review she wants that feed back Bloodshed on the floor I see that you drawback Carry it long time all on my back You running crazy now no turn back Cutting the wood down lumberjack Read it like a book see I got the hard back Cant ride on your back you fly away like paper back She all on my line you fake so no call back Crossing the line like diamonback You taking my change see I got that quarter back Took all my tracks in see that I feel back Started my own platform watch me counterattack Taking the time over no turn back Eat it at breakfast they see that im flap jack Night reservations put that on the coatrack Stacking my verses you see I cant go back They all on my page I see they dont scroll back Do it long time they see I go far back She ride it long time you see that she bone back Paying the fines you see thats that charge back Pinning this note down with a hard tack Cant hold me down no tie back You see that I got your back Messenger some see they dont talk back Watch me shine you will slip back Watch my race cant catch my drift back She a drug see she first crack Bouncing all night like a jumping jack See my beats hard they hitting back On my mat bet you welcome back On my line we playing phone tag See they carrying my tote bag Spend all day watch they time lag On my back is that duffel bag Charge me what for that dime bag Hold me down thats a long drag


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