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Nero Dubb


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Sera Nocte Lryics

Rise from the bottom yeah we going to the top Rolling up them Ls them wins dont stop We planting a foundation starting the crop Spreading are wings they know they cant stop Pop that perk watch me transform Let me get the energy let me absorb Spirit bomb letting it out Dont give me no reason I sprink this season Late night she pleasing im spending She blending we tossing back shots see we sinning This is the beginning Surgamus ab imo yeah imus ad summitatem Convolvens eos Ls eos suscipit ne stop Fundamentum plantamus incipiens segetem Expandi sunt alas sciunt se Cant prohibere Pop qui gestire vigilate me transform Sine me ut de industria me absorb Spiritus bomb emittere eum Noli mihi nulla causa Hoc tempore aspergo Sera nocte placentem im impendio Illa miscent nos ictus iactantes videmus peccando Hoc est initium


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