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Life Song Lryics

Finally made a song with my mom Pushing out 10 pounds Coming up from the grouund tossing back mamossa all around She remember me back pitching on the mound Now we lay verses see she on my sounds Making my meals from scratch compound Casting up on my page a background She go way back we trapt headstrong Bedroom in the basement all season long Can you our voice midsong Lay each verse watch us walk along They going to slow look the meterlong Still getting older but this be life long Im like that movie ride along Put it together seimigroup My bandwidth a airscoupe Its a revolution that I rehoop We got our rings like a supergroup Cant you see put it together social group Its getting hot in here clear soup Move on my tracks a dance group Im tasty you be fish soup Locing all the cookies a scout group Jazzy on track on jazz group Eatem like Kimchi a cabbage soup She taste me that be moon soup That page be dry I rescue group Creamy on track potato soup Why you starting alternative group You got no weight keep you in the loop This HR human relations training group


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